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September 2009 Philippine Bar Exam Result (LETTER J)

652. JACOBA, Anthony Raphael V.
653. JAGMIS, Richander G.
654. JALA, Gena B.
655. JALAD, Andrew S.
656. JAMBALOS, Johanna V.
657. JANIYA, Shalom P.
658. JARDELEZA, Maria Carmen L.
659. JARENCIO, Cherylle E.
660. JAVELLANA, Gerardo B.
661. JAVIER, Maureen Seymour D.
662. JAVIER, IV, Eugene C.
663. JAVIER-JIMENEZ, Cristina Marie Eugenie R.
664. JAVINAR, Donato B.
665. JIMENEZ, Arianne Vanessa Josephine T.
666. JIMENEZ, Jasmine M.
667. JIMENEZ, Thea Marie B.
668. JIMENO, Nikki Sarah V.
669. JORDAN, Roma Joy R.
670. JORNADA, Ryan Rene C.
671. JORVINA, Karmela H.
672. JOSON, Joanna Marie O.
673. JOVEN, Suzette C.
674. JUBAN, Rowell G.
675. JULIAN, Cherry Amor A.
676. JUNIO, Irene May I.


Anonymous said...

653. JAGMIS, Richander G. congratulations!!! from singson family...

Anonymous said...

congrats sa igsoon sa ako clasmt nga c alexa janiya!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Sha!! so kailan naman ang kasal..?? hahaha!!

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