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September 2009 Philippine Bar Exam Result (LETTER T)

1285. TABANAY, Ryan D.
1286. TABANDA, Roy Patrick C.
1287. TABERNERO-BUNAG, Vanessa P.
1288. TABIOS, Anna Leah A.
1289. TABIQUE, Katrina C.
1290. TABUNDA, Rod Patrick A.
1291. TACLA, Russell E.
1292. TADEO, Alexie Jane C.
1293. TADEO, Yasmine Lee R.
1294. TADINA-PASIA, Melody F.
1295. TAGALOGUIN, Fritz Z.
1296. TAHIR, Sharina I.
1297. TAJAN, Joy Stephanie C.
1298. TALLUNGAN, Brigida Jeanne T.
1299. TALUCAD, Tatiana Dolores F.
1300. TAMALA, Kenneth O.
1301. TAMAYO, Catherine E.
1302. TAMAYO, Ma. Yvette M.
1303. TAMONDONG, Juan Carlos S.
1304. TAN, Annie U.
1305. TAN, Art Lynson A.
1306. TAN, Eric David C.
1307. TAN, Joyce Melcar T.
1308. TAN, Maria Cristina A.
1309. TAN, Mhedora B.
1310. TAN, Stephanie Michelle C.
1311. TAN, JR., David P.
1312. TANKIANG, III, Eduardo Martin A.
1313. TANQUIENG, Paula Mae B.
1314. TAPALES, Patrick Joseph S.
1315. TAPIC, Charlene Mae C.
1316. TAPIRE, Helen Paulette D.
1317. TAQUED, Gamaliel S.
1318. TAVANLAR, Tomi L.
1319. TAÑGAN, Margret Faye G.
1320. TAÑOLA, Mc Ferlin P.
1321. TE, Meiji Hanna Z.
1322. TEH, Roselle P.
1323. TEMPLORA, Imerson L.
1324. TENAJA, Darwin A.
1325. TENTATIVA, June G.
1326. TERRADO, Marlon C.
1327. TIBAYAN, Irish Kirbee V.
1328. TIOJANCO, Bryan Dennis G.
1329. TIU, Jiecel S.
1330. TO, Joan Mae S.
1331. TOBES, Giselle Jill D.
1332. TOLEDO, Maria Joy O.
1333. TOLENTINO, Lovely V.
1334. TOLOSA, Gretchel L.
1335. TOMAS, Rudolfh M.
1336. TOMBO, Peter Paul M.
1337. TONGCUA, Paulette V.
1338. TORIO, John Ryan P.
1339. TORMON, Alvin A.
1340. TORREMOCHA, Edric P.
1341. TORRES, Ivy Grace O.
1342. TORRES, Maria Melissa G.
1343. TORREVILLAS, Juan Alfonso P.
1344. TRABAJO, III, Aureliano Marcus C.
1345. TRINIDAD, Carlos Vincent C.
1346. TRINIDAD, Chloe Hope B.
1347. TRIVIÑO, Diana Cecilia E.
1348. TRUMPO, Magno T.
1349. TUADLES, Leticia R.
1350. TUAZON, Cecilia M.
1351. TUBILLEJA, Liza T.
1352. TUGADO, Judie Rose P.
1353. TUMALIUAN, Gliricidia C.
1354. TURANO, Earlene Lirio R.
1355. TURANO II, Earl Ligorio R.
1356. TURINGAN, Norman Paul A.


Anonymous said...

wala pa pong result? tagal naman po....

Anonymous said...

lumabas na result? saan ko makita list of baristers?


Anonymous said...

i hope my sis-in-law will pass.....Godbless u ate matter happen were always here for u

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Judie Rose P. Tugado..... CONGRATS.....

Jie said...

Congratulations to Jiecel Saguil Tiu!! And also to the proud parents. of course.... Cheers!!=)
From Dr. Jie Barbon Pablo and family

Anonymous said...

peter paul tombo congrats!!!!!!! god is good :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jiecel Saguil Tiu!!! And also to the proud parents, of course... Cheers!!!=)
From: Dr. Jie Barbon Pablo and Family

Anonymous said...

congratulations to my classmate...romelia alpasan for passing the bar exam....

Wellannie said...

Congratulations Atty. Jiecel S. Tiu!!!=)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Atty. Darwin Tenaja and Atty. Jason Balais! You deserve it guys...Cristine

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