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September 2009 Philippine Bar Exam Result (LETTER Q)

1076. QUEROL, Marah Victoria S.
1077. QUEVENCO, Jesus Ramon M.
1078. QUIJANO, Mia Antonette M.
1079. QUILAQUIGA, Sharina C.
1080. QUIMPO, Nancy Aurora D.
1081. QUINIO, Patrick Joseph M.
1082. QUINTANILLA, Czarina G.
1083. QUINTON, Larry M.
1084. QUIOC, Marina Luz P.
1085. QUIOGUE, Marie Antonette B.
1086. QUIPSE, Isabel Milagros L.
1087. QUIRANTE, Aileen L.
1088. QUIÑONES, Charlie A.


Anonymous said...

i hope my sister would pass the exam. i just flunked my math in up. i'm looking forward to something that would cheer me up

Anonymous said...

C0ngratz sa mga pasado sa bar..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! More Power

Anonymous said...

sa mga hindi pumasa.. choose another mga pumasa u deserved it...its not the end of the world...God has a better plan for each 1 of us..Jaren 163

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