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September 2009 Philippine Bar Exam Result (LETTER E)

462. EBARLE, Emanuelle A.
463. ECLAR, Catherine M.
464. EDULAN, Charles Ceasar L.
465. ELBANBUENA, Kahlil Paolo O.
466. ELTANAL, Karen Mae G.
468. ENAGE, Kim Boysie A.
469. ENCANTO, Melissa R.
470. ENCARNACION, Vincent Joseph T.
471. ENCINARES, Marife E.
472. ENERIA, Celeste E.
473. ENRILE, Christy Irene D.
474. ENRIQUEZ, Marizza P.
475. ENRIQUEZ, III, Juan Jose P.
476. ENTREDICHO, Delima S.
477. ESCALA, Lyndon D.
478. ESCALANTE, JR., Felix M.
479. ESCALANTE, JR., Vic T.
480. ESCANDER, Abdel Jalil A.
481. ESCIO, Madonna Gay L.
482. ESCOLANO, JR., Benjamin V.
483. ESCOLAR, Ahmad Clay C.
484. ESCUBIO, Jessica Guia E.
485. ESPALDON, Ruel H.
486. ESPARRAGO, Janice C.
487. ESPEJO, Bernadette B.
488. ESPEJO, Edwin M.
489. ESPEJON, Charisse B.
490. ESPERANTE, Jason C.
491. ESPINAS, Jeshiree D.
492. ESPINO, Franco P.
493. ESPINOSA, Kristine M.
494. ESPUELAS, Haide T.
495. ESTAƑO, Liza Jane B.
496. ESTEBAN, Sheena E.
497. ESTORNINOS, Jamil V.
498. ESTUR, Mark Julius C.
499. EUSTAQUIO, Karldon M.
500. EVANGELISTA, Anna Tricia P.
501. EVANGELISTA, Ma. Rebecca G.
502. EVANGELISTA, Roberto P.


Anonymous said...

Waa, ang tagal, alam ko papasa yung friend ko, we are claiming it. GOD bless everyone.

Anonymous said...

parang laban ni paquiao..... ang dami sigurong advertisements...nakakalula ang result. God Bless the 1400 who passed the Bar

Anonymous said...

ano ba yan! ang tagal2x naman. please post it now.

Anonymous said...

post na pooww..

Anonymous said...

nachura taas kaau kag dangas da. daghan kaau kag hukos pokos da. naa nasad siguro moy katarantaduhan nga gibuhat ni gloria da. tsk! ho! ho! dangas....

Anonymous said...

now na....God bless and congrats sa lahat ng pumasa

Anonymous said...

we're waiting for the result here..tagal nman.. My dad take the exam.. Godbless everyone.. Have Faith:)

Anonymous said...

mag-aalas dose na. sana march 27 nalang cla nag announced... I dont think they're ready... even the list of topnotchers has not yet been disclosed!

Masicat Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Atty. Benjamin VEGA Escolano Jr.

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